How it all began…

So you want to know all about Creations4U, it’s the brainchild of, well, me! I’m Jojo a graphic designer who loves colour, you’ve seen the logo, and creating fantastic products to share with you. This whole thing sprang out of always making and customising gifts for friends and family over the years…it’s the old story, everybody told me you should do this, I’d buy it. Everyone loves their name on a product or picture, especially if it’s created with joy and given with love. I resisted for ages, but finally gave in and so Creations4U was born.

I’ve done the research, found the best materials and put all my creativity into a fantastic set of products that I hope you’ll love. Oh and you want to know about the fishy logo??? Well you know the old saying about the memory of a goldfish not being good…that’s where it came from, the idea of making memories, and he goes by the name of Bob!

Let’s make some memories together!

Jojo and Bob!

Meet Bob!